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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 22, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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this camp, we're very fortunate to still be here this morning. >> reporter: the flames have destroyed at least two homes and threatened at least 2500 buildings including homes and hotels. the people who live in the area are shaken. >> i think i'm still in a little bit of shock, but i'll be balling my eyes out when i start to calm down because this is my backyard. >> reporter: flames crossed a major road into yosemite closing a four-mile stretch of it. the blaze is one of more than 50 major fires burning in several western states. this noaa animation shows the trail of smoke from the fires. the steep mountainous terrain is making it difficult for crews to get to the flames burning around yosemite. >> we can't put any boots on the ground in there. it's just too dangerous. >> reporter: that's forcing firefighters to attack the flames from above. but it's not enough. >> it's bad. i'm not going to kid anyone. it's a real bad fire. >> reporter: the wildfire is now just 2% contained. fire officials are worried it
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will be a long, tough fight. firefighters are really doing all they can to keep up. take a look at just the last 24 hours. there have been more than 4,000 lightning strikes sparking 45 new fires here in northern california. liz, allen? >> teresa, we're coming up on a labor day holiday. i know it's very busy this time of year up there. but the park itself, it's still open, right? >> reporter: well, amazingly at this point, allen, it is. you've got a lot of smoke that's been shifting toward that park even into it. you've -- west entrance, that's a main vein getting into the park. the west entrance is closed. but there are plenty of other ways to get into yosemite national park. at this point it remains open and indeed with labor day upon us, it's a really busy season. we know of several hotels already in the area campsites, too, that have had to shut down. >> thank you, teresa garcia. well, san francisco also declared a state of emergency because of the rim fire. flames are threatening parts of
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the city-owned hetch hetchy water and power system. that declaration, though, does allow the city to offer a camp area for a staging area. that rim fire is just one of 50 major fires burning across the western united states right now. federal money to fight these fires pretty quickly running out. the forest service has only $50 million left in its firefighting budget. and at this rate, they say it will last only a few more days. so the u.s. forest service is taking millions of dollars from other budgets to try to fill the gap. it has already spent $967 million this year. >> some bay area campers were forced out of the fire zone. the teenagers were on a school trip designed to break the ice before classes start. students told our da lin, the wildfire did that and more. >> oh.... oh, my god. reporter: fast-moving flames chased about 100 berkeley students out of their campsites near yosemite. a student recorded this video
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as they were fleeing. >> around like 20 minutes after we left, the fire was where i was standing when i took the video. >> reporter: the small private mayback high school in berkeley does a week-long camping trip every year before classes start. it's meant for students and teachers to get to know each other. but within two hours of arriving at their campsite on monday and just after they had unpacked, sheriff's deputies ordered them to evacuate. >> the sheriff didn't even let us go to our tents and collect our stuff. we had to evacuate immediately. >> reporter: the buses that took them there had already left so students were jammed into any vehicles that were there including a cattle truck and a moving truck. >> turning out of camp, you could see the fire just burning on the hills. >> i was freaking out. i have never been in a situation like that before. >> reporter: many students here say the evacuation gave them an even better opportunity to bond with each other. >> we were given the ultimate ice breaker in the form of fire. >> going into a situation like this where we sort of have to improvise and think on our feet
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and stuff, uhm, we're a lot more authentic in the way we interact with each other. >> reporter: instead of not having a trip this year, the school decided to have a minicamp today at their high school. students say it was a great way to reconnect with others and talk about their experiences before school starts monday. in berkeley, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> personal items that were left behind will be returned to the campers once the fire threat has passed. new at 5:00, commuters aren't the only ones looking forward to the new bay bridge. cyclists get ready. the new bike path will also be a big draw, just don't expect to pedal out to treasure island right away. ken bastida there with mobile5 and tells us it's going to be years before we can bridge that gap. ken. >> reporter: not just yet, allen. that's for sure. but i want to show you something that's really kind of cool because may be the only chance you're going to get to see this. we're going to zoom in, brian. and those are 18-wheeler flatbeds. and on top are the portable sections of the bike path that
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will actually be towed into place on the other side of the bridge and assembled in the coming days. and so that's part of the signs that we're seeing up here that all of this is finally coming together and this bridge is coming alive. >> just getting over the bridge, that's a route in itself. reporter: rain, shine or fog, the golden gate bridge is always flooded with cyclists. >> feel like you're constantly next to something that's just, you know, that you could soak in looking at. it's just beautiful here. >> reporter: and cyclists are about to get a few more miles of new path on the new bay bridge. >> the work that's going on today is to put a temporary connector at the oakland side so the public can start outing the bridge. >> reporter: on yerba buena island, what looks like oversized ikea furniture is being hoisted up on to the new deck where it gets trucked across the bridge to oakland. it's all going up here because that's where they had room to build 270,000 pounds of bike
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ramp. >> the modules are made of douglas firs. >> reporter: once it opens you go from east bay soil on to the new bay bridge giving cyclists and pedestrians a path all the way across the new span stopping just short of yerba buena island. at least for now. >> after traffic has been moved on to the new eastern span, they will start to demolish the original east span near the tunnel freeing up the room to connect the bike path into the island. >> reporter: and while the path will remain incomplete for some time, it will still offer a brand-new ride with a view you have never seen before. >> a 2% grade all the way out and all the way back, and you're going to get some really great views of the original east span, which people haven't had before, but also of the bay. >> reporter: what i want to show you, allen and liz, is that orange little section there, that orange wall, that's actually where the bike path will go once the "s" curve comes down and allen, as you mentioned that will take a while because that all has to
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be dismantled and then you'll be able to go from oakland into the island and there's the other question, when will we be able to go from the island into san francisco? they've talked about that. engineers have looked at it. they say it's absolutely feasible. need a little of this and a little more time. reporting live from treasure island, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >> and a lot of that money stuff. we're counting down to opening day about 1 1.5 days away now. remember, the old span shuts down in 6 days for the big changeover. plan your commute accordingly. keep track of all the latest developments on kpix 5 and san francisco's city attorney is taking legal action to save city college. the community college is on the verge of losing its accreditation for failing to meet quality assurance standards. today city attorney dennis herrara filed a lawsuit accusing the accrediting commission of acting improperly to withdraw accreditation because of a political agenda.
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>> a political debate over the future of california's community college that was going on in sacramento, the accreditation process was being used unfairly to squelch that debate. >> that debate was over state efforts to downsize colleges during the budget crisis. students and faculty of city college were opposed to that effort. and the people you call for help say they are the ones in trouble now. santa clara county 911 dispatchers say they are understaffed, stressed out and public safety is at risk. the 911 operators are members of the service employees international union. it claims there's more work and less people. dispatchers have already had to work an average of 36 hours of overtime. management says it's a struggle to find the right people to fill openings. >> it's very fatiguing. it's a stressful job as it is. and having to work above and beyond your normal workweek is stressful. it wears on you after a while and it does make it more
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difficult to stay focused and do your job. >> the seiu is in the middle of contract negotiations and dispatchers have authorized a strike vote. santa clara county will ask the court to stop workers from going on strike if they decide to walk off the job. the tour bus carrying dozens of people crashes on to its side in southern california. no one is seriously hurt. >> he had a really big heart. and -- >> hannah anderson speaks out fortifiers time about the man who kidnapped her and why the two exchanged more than a dozen text messages the day he stole her away. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good evening, everybody. it was certainly cooler today than yesterday. and it will be cooler today than it will be tomorrow. we'll take a look at your forecast with the pinpoint forecast outlook.
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>> move over, turner and hootch. san rafael police adding two new k-9s to the force and to twitter. ,, ,,,,,,
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fence before ending up on i wn an embankment. it unbelievably everyone on board this busted up tour bus survived. this morning it went through a fence before ending up on its side and down an embankment on 210 freeway in irwindale. emergency crews fanned outgoing back and forth carrying victims to ambulances and helicopters. 52 people mostly seniors were hurt. but with only minor injuries. traffic was backed up for miles and hours before emergency crews cleaned up the scene. san diego's embattled mayor is expected to resign following dozens of sexual harassment accusations. there are several reports mayor bob filner could step down tomorrow. a at any timetive agreement was reached in a lawsuit against him and the city of san diego. shortly after, he was seen getting into an suv that was loaded with boxes. potential deal could allow filner to resign without having to pay back legal fees the city
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would have to spend. >> i'm hopeful that the settlement agreement between bob and the city of san diego will include resignation. >> his parting gift should be good riddance instead of a handout. >> the city attorney says details won't be revealed until the city council considers the potential agreement tomorrow in a closed-door meeting. hannah anderson spoke publicly for the first time today about her kidnapping and rescue. family friend james dimaggio fled with her to idaho earlier this month after police found the bodies of her mother and her brother in dimaggio's burned-out home. speaking to nbc's today show, hannah explained why she exchanged more than a dozen text messages with dimaggio the day of the kidnapping. >> he was picking me up from cheer camp and he didn't know the address or like where i was so i had to tell him the address and tell him that i was going to be in the gym and not
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in front of the school. >> hannah was rescued nearly a week later after an fbi agent shot and killed her captor in the idaho wilderness. one of san rafael's newest officers was so excited to join the force, he started singing during his swearing-in ceremony. [ dog barking ] >> we'll introduce you to the new k-9 cop just ahead. >> we're not the most expensive state when it comes to driving but we're right up there. how much it costs to own a car in california and which states barely beat us. ,, you don't need to camp out
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to do with the system that disseminates stock prices. sdaq corrected the a technical glitch halted trade n on nasdaq today for three hours. the problem had to do with a system that disseminates stock prices. nasdaq corrected the problem and resumed trading 35 minutes before the closing bell. it ended the day up 38 points. the dow was also up 66. on the consumerwatch, yahoo's told you so moment for google and how walmart is getting patriotic. >> but first, sue kwon starts with a new study on the most expensive states to drive a car. drum roll, please. reporter: california is the second most expensive state to drive a car.
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that's according to bank rate's car cost index. taken into account insurance and repair costs, taxes and gas prices and the yearly cost is $3,966. we pay an average of $1,809 per year in state taxes and fees alone. our insurance is about $738 a year which is above average. >> walmart well known forrist its made in china toilet scrubbers is putting muscle in another made in america movement hosting its first two- day summit with suppliers, government officials and other retailers to come up with ideas to bring more manufacturing to the u.s. walmart has pledged to buy $50 billion more in american made goods over the next 10 10 years. it tried it before in the 90s but couldn't get enough low priced items to sell to discount shoppers. to everyone at going hol said she couldn't do it,
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yahoo's ceo marissa meyer can say i told you so. search and mobile results are not included but market research firm com score reports yahoo had 196.6 million unique monthly visitors compared to google's 192.3 million. yahoo's shares have almost doubled since mayer left google to run yahoo. yahoo's revenue missed analyst estimates and slipped 1% so it's likely this news today that sent yahoo stock up 3% to $27.90 or maybe it could be that vogue spread. >> helps. >> quite something. so stock maybe tomorrow we could see yahoo -- >> even more possibly. >> thank you, sue. and a reminder. if you have a consumer problem or question, you can call our hotline 888-5-helps-u. president obama hit the road today with a new plan to lower the cost of higher education. he wants to tie school performance to federal financial aid through a new
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college rating system. it would score schools based on criteria such as tuition costs, graduation rates and graduate earnings. >> colleges that keep their tuition down and are providing high quality education are the ones that are going to see their taxpayer funding go up. >> the president wants to have the rating system ready for the 2015 school year. he also wants graduates to be able to cap their loan payments at 10% of their monthly income. two of the world's best universities are right here in the bay area. that's according to new rankings by china's shanghai [ indiscernible ] university. stanford came in second only to harvard. uc-berkeley third, m.i.t. and university of cambridge rounded out the top 5. i think we have the best weather in the area. >> can we put that in the college rankings? >> we should rank weather. >> i was at a campus at usf and
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they sold the weather to try to get freshman. right here. >> marketing. >> in california. we have a cooler trend working here in the bay area during our summer months, it's definitely summer and surf is up in florida. we take you right here, this is scout, a golden retriever turning heads with her surfboarding skills. that's scout and her owner. they said she usedded to float on rafts in the pool then worked her way up to surfing. she is certainly a pro and she says, there's nothing, nothing that she can't do. yeah. hang ten with both paws. let's head to san jose where we have a little bit of haze in the atmosphere current air temperature 73 degrees. it is a bit on the breezy side outside right now with the westerlies kicking up to 20 miles per hour. hazy conditions in the vacaville area. this is our kpix 5 weather camera. 79 degrees there. we have the winds west at 17 miles per hour. tonight, we'll see the return of the low clouds and the patchy fog. and then tomorrow another day very similar to today. but we will have a little bit
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of drier and warmer air mass. that's after tonight's lows. 54 to 60 degrees. okay, futurecast, you can play along at home, you see the marine layer is about 3,000 feet deep. so it's going to push onshore, move inland a good 60 miles then retreat a little bit faster tomorrow due to high pressure nestling into the bay area. that area of low pressure sparking all those thunder strikes, now 145 miles to the north of the san francisco area lifting up toward the pacific northwest leaving us with high pressure to build in and seasonal summer weather in the offing. so that means if you are heading to the good guys car show, that will be friday all the way through the weekend, expect temperatures flirting with 90 degrees each and every day in pleasanton. now, tomorrow 60s beaches, 70s santa clara, 80 degrees towards the willow glen area. 86 degrees in concord. some of your warmest temperatures will also be north of the golden gate bridge towards sonoma and glen ellen, also ukiah. the extended forecast, each and every day, summer returns right here to the bay area with
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seasonal temperatures and, of course, seasonal weather does mean the return of the blanket of low clouds and fog at the coast. >> oh, boy. >> okay, thank you, roberta. well, most bay area cities wish they could afford more cops. but san rafael has worked a way around the expense and as kpix 5's john ramos tells us, it's got the community all atwitter. >> he can be a total lover but he has a wind chill where he can turn it on if he has to. >> reporter: officer aris reporting for duty one of two dogs put into service this week by the san rafael police department resurrecting a k-9 unit that was shut down 11 years ago because of budget cuts. the difference now is the new unit is entirely funded by donations from the public. >> it's not like money has been falling in our laps. we have had to go out and work for it. but we found everybody really does want to help out with this program. >> reporter: besides protecting officers, the dogs are trained to track, sniff out drugs and be goodwill ambassadors for the
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department. so everyone was pretty excited at the swearing-in sermoned night including one of the dogs himself at the swearing-in ceremony. dog barks ] >> my partner's dog was reciting the oath himself. [ dog singing ] >> but we got through it. it was entertaining. got lots of laughs. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he seems like saying now he's talking. >> yeah. >> reporter: and the dogs are communicating with the public in another more high-tech way. they each have a twitter page where the dog's thoughts are translated for a growing number of followers including a little dog-to-dog razzing about that performance in the council chambers. [ dog howling ] >> supposed to be lighthearted. kind of engage the community and put a little bit of a face on our k-9s and make sure everybody knows what's going on and it doesn't hurt the fundraising options as well. >> reporter: and that's the point because these dogs wouldn't exist without the direct involvement of the community. lieutenant fink says social media have made people more
5:23 pm
informed and more engaged and they don't respond well to the old macho cop telling them to move along. the department has learned that sometimes you can accomplish more by replating a hard-nosed officer with a wet-nosed one. in san rafael, john ramos, kpix 5. >> they are so cute. a fundraising movie night will be held september 28 at the rafael cinema. find a link to the k-9s twitter page on our website, we'll be right back.
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you may remember.. the netwk shot the third season of its reality show in after nearly 20 years, mtv's the real world is returning to san francisco. the network shot the third season of its reality show back in the bay area back in 1994. that series featured a confrontational bike messenger named puck and a gay aids activist named pedro. the real world's 29th season is set to air next year and rumor has it filming will take place at the avalon ballroom on sutter street. they always have a neat apartment. always amazing. >> i haven't watched mtv since they stopped playing music videos. that's just me. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." bob schieffer is in for scott pelley in new york. bob? >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. well, he became director of the fbi the week before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. now after 12 years robert mueller is stepping down. what he says about the threat of another attack and why do
5:27 pm
some older people have minds as sharp as people decades younger? dr. john lapook with the science of super agers. so that and much more tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,, ♪
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how this souped up s-u-v is changing the way officers f ries, and much new at 6:00 tonight the new "it" car for the chp. how the souped up suv is changing the way officers fight
5:30 pm
crime. that and more at 6. captions by: caption colorado >> schieffer: tonight, out of control. a rapidly moving wildfire near yosemite national park triples in size overnight. hundreds of homes are in its path. teresa garcia is on the scene. scenes of the massacre in syria add to the pressure on the obama administration to take action. but what are the options? margaret brennan has that. why do some older people have minds as sharp as people decades younger? >> i still have to check once in a while. >> pelley: dr. jon lapook with the super-agers. and chip reid with an amazing discovery on the shores of the potomac. what was your excitement level when you saw it? >> i'd say about a ten. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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